Best HTC Vive Games

Virtual Reality! Interesting as it sounds. No more boring laptop screens, get out of it to transform any place into a battlefield or a park. Now that we know well about VR games and its interesting features, let us know more about one of the top most discussed VR game developers. HTC Vive, developed by HTC and Valve Corporation. It was released very recently in the year of 2016 in April. It is a virtual reality headset which has the ability to turn your living room into a 3D space. This amazing invention takes you into a different virtual world where you can interact with the newly developed spaces and characters naturally. Walk,speak and interact all naturally!

Best HTC vive games

HTC Vive will make anyone travel beyond their imagination. This awesome tool lets you do things which you never thought you could! Want to be in the war zone and shoot the heads of your enemies? Wish to get into a real supercar and drive at the top speed? Want to throw that stone at a stranger? Now say yes to all of these with HTC Vive. Transform your boring life into a dream world. Let us get to know some of the awesome games for you to enjoy with HTC Vive.

1. Vanishing Realms

You are The Legend Of Zelda, playing his role according to your movements! A short but an enthralling game.You can take the sword and kill all the undead knights, hunt for them in creepy stoned wall buildings!Swing the sword and block the attacks all by yourself. This game is going to be the most thrilling game for you to play. Explore through teleporting and not just your room is your battle zone now!

Download Vanishing Realms for HTC Vive

2. Space Pirate Trainer

This game is developed for any gamers who loves shooting. Don’t get scared when blaring lasers come to you from all directions of the battlefield! When a group of drones come to attack you, you have to fire them with your laser guns, also whip the shield you possess. A very addictive game once you get the shooting fever on.

Download Space Pirate Trainer

3. The Lab

The Lab is basically a group of seven to eight games included in one single game. Each game is short but entertainment is guaranteed for free cost! This is developed by the developers of HTC Vive itself. This is the best game to get introduced to HTC Vive as it presents before us all the basic concepts of VR gaming.

Download The Lab

4. Hover Junker

This is StressLevelZero’s multiplayer shooting game for all who wants to experience a different level of shooting thrill. A very thrilling game,move around your room but still feel like chasing our enemies on a hovercraft! This  awesome tool gives you a greater locomotion,out of your rooms.

Download Hover Junker

5. Tilt Brush

What about drawing in three dimension? Sounds interesting, hmm?  Developed by Google, this great app lets you draw your imaginations and walk around watching them. This can be trippy as it has many tools for you to make it look like psychedelic images. Get high on drawing and have the ultimate fun!

Download Tilt Brush